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Fall is nearly here - but for now - the hot August :sun: shines brightly on watercolorist 's  best of August selections.  ENJOY :dance: and don't forget to VOTE in our poll.

Water by LunarSpirit92  Water by  LunarSpirit92
Being a Pisces this image is a personal favorite of mine. I live in an arid land but here i find my inner woman who lives in Water Thank you LunarSpirit92 for making an image I so personally relate to.

Cage bird by Gnulia Cage bird by  Gnulia
A  wonderfully dark but alluring reminder of sweet justice karma that threatens those who cage things better off living free.  

Odysseus by KarolGniazdowski  Odysseus by   KarolGniazdowski
Shape and color rule the day. Imagery always out does text when it comes to story telling; ...."a picture is definitely worth a thousand words"

Golden retriever by JIIP33   Golden retriever by  JIIP33:
Kudos to all dog lovers and artists who apply the concept - less is morein their work.   Just enough detail to convey the reality of true love.

Smeaton,s pier east side St Ives 4 by MichaelHocking  Smeaton,s pier east side @St Ives 4 by  MichaelHocking
Another example of the less is more concept   Michael uses large and small blocks of color to take you deep into our memories of a day at the beach.  I grew up on the beach - so I have memories galore.

Gulf of Finland 2 by RiaRi08  Gulf of Finland 2 by  RiaRi08
We all enjoy the wonder of the internet where artists from around the world gather.,   Here we're  transported to the Golf of Finland by the whimsical brush strokes of  RiaRi08.  Many are upset with the recent membership increase - but - really - where else can you get this kind of diversity????
Really - if you know where else - note me at Cmac13

Portrait practice by GhyselenBert  Portrait practice by GhyselenBert
Here's an image I thought  was done in oils, with brush strokes that look like they were applied with a knife.   But, no, it's a watercolor and just translucent enough to be eligible for display in our group.

Stationmaster by FearOfPaper Stationmaster by FearOfPaper
Here's a piece that would fit nicely into… Something about exaggeration that brings a smile.  I can see this guy calling passengers in a train station in Paris.  

Bath Time by cat-o-morphism  Bath Time by   cat-o-morphism
Since people painted on cave walls paint has been used to help tell stories.  Here's the start of one that features a mouse bathing in a tea cup   Makes me want to know more.........

Stars by FuzzyMaro  Stars by FuzzyMaro
Who can resist this charming lion jumping into frame.  I expect her to leap into my own reality next.  And the work is an art trade, a concept I've benefited greatly from as a member of deviantart - and still owe :blushes: a trade to a dear friend here.  Soon - my good friend = soon.

One of our moderators is offering a LIMITED number of commissions - for more information go here:…

Thanks for looking.  :heart:  Carole
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watercolorists wants to affiliate with groups who have interest in painting and other traditional arts. We also want to work with groups who want their members to learn more, experiment and enjoy all the exciting things art has to offer!

Best of August 2015 

29 deviants said Gulf of Finland 2 by RiaRi08 Gulf of Finland 2 by RiaRi08
19 deviants said Water by LunarSpirit92 Water by LunarSpirit92:
18 deviants said Golden retriever by JIIP33 Golden retriever by JIIP33
16 deviants said Portrait practice by GhyselenBert Portrait practice by GhyselenBert
13 deviants said Bath Time by cat-o-morphism Bath Time by cat-o-morphism
10 deviants said Cage bird by Gnulia Cage bird by Gnulia
7 deviants said Stars by FuzzyMaro Stars by FuzzyMaro
5 deviants said Smeaton,s pier east side St Ives 4 by MichaelHocking Smeaton,s pier east side @St Ives 4 by MichaelHocking
3 deviants said Odysseus by KarolGniazdowski Odysseus by KarolGniazdowski
2 deviants said Stationmaster by FearOfPaper Stationmaster by FearOfPaper

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